Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Video: “Ang Kitid ng Pag-iisip!” - VP Leni, Nasermonan ni MannyPiñol !!

Department of Agriculture (DA) Secretary Manny Piñol disliked Vice President Leni Robredo's comments on his agency's nationwide dredging plan to reduce floods and landslides.

According to the online news site and Leni's radio program, the vice president is not so confident on the project because the proposal is likely to cause corruption.

“Naalala ko noong time yata ni Secretary Singson, dine-discourage yung desilting dahil nakita na pinagkukunan ito ng maraming korapsyon. Pinagmumulan ng marami korapsyon kasi hindi mo nakikita eh. Kasi hindi mo makikita dahil nasa ilalim ng tubig,” said Leni.

On Piñol's Facebook post, the secretary said that the river's silting is the reason why the water overflow and destroy farms during the rainy season and typhoons.

“These major rivers are heavily SILTED causing water to overflow the banks and destroy farmlands during the rainy months or the typhoon season,” answered Piñol.

Piñol was surprised at Leni's answer and wondered what else could be the solution.

“Vice President Robredo’s reaction, however, left me dumbfounded and wondering what other options should be considered,” added Piñol.

Given more emphasis on the possibility of corruption rather than the good result of digging the land under the river, VP Robredo only demonstrates a narrow perspective and understanding how the government should act and work.

“By giving more weight on the possibility of corruption instead of the benefits that the dredging of the rivers will bring, Vice President Robredo has exposed a narrow-minded perspective of how government should work and operate… The fear of corruption, however, should not tie our hands and prevent us from taking risks as government servants. If this is the kind of mindset our officials in government have, we will never be able to do anything or accomplish projects which would benefit our people,” according to Piñol.

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Video: “Ang Kitid ng Pag-iisip!” - VP Leni, Nasermonan ni MannyPiñol !!
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