Wednesday, March 6, 2019

BIGYAN NG LEKSYON! - Kasong Administratibo, Isasampa laban sa UP Professor, Gov't Property Sinira!

A professor from the University of the Philippines (UP) - Cebu may face an administrative case because they attempt to destroy Camp Sergio OsmeƱa's boom barrier.

The Teacher was identified as Dr. Phoebe Zoe Sanchez, a public sociologist and professor of UP Cebu. According to Sunstar Cebu's report, the Police Regional Office 7 (PRO 7) will file an administrative case against Sanchez.

Sanchez is among the 9 demonstrators who will be charged by the police after the commotion during the 33rd anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution.

Demonstrators were members of the Karapatan, Bayan and Makabayan groups. They also allegedly attempted to block the police vehicles from leaving the camp.

According to Sanchez, they are not guilty of destroying the government things. She blamed it to the police. Sanchez is the chairperson of the Human Rights group Karapatan in Central Visayas.

“The people knocked on the gate, and banged it. And we also have a video… actually, the bar that they said was destroyed was interior to the gate. It’s not outside, so it was not us holding it,” said Sanchez.

The commotion started on both sides when PRO 7 played the theme song of Voltes V while the demonstrator were having a program.

According to Sanchez, she is well-prepared to face the complaint of PRO 7 but at the same time, she and her colleagues will file also a complaint against the police for violating thier protocols and constitutions.

Read the post of one of the rallyist about how the incident started:

On the 33rd year anniversary of the EDSA people power revolution hundreds of us human rights activists together with relatives and victims of the Marcos dictatorship trouped to the streets and dramatized outrage against the revival of Martial Law in Duterte’s Memorandum Order No. 32 and Executive Order No. 70.

These policies implemented via the Synchronized Enhanced Managing Police Operations (SEMPO) have taken lives of farmer leaders of the Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas at the hinterlands of Guihulngan City in December of 2018.

The outrageous conduct of home raids and killings through the pretext of drugs and arms raids by combined police and military operatives under SEMPO was such bestial acts of state forces outside the bounds of legal norms.

The same was likewise conducted against petty barangay officials not aligned to the administration party and in time of the coming elections. It was the previous violations of SEMPO that human rights activists have come to air out sentiments at the PNP PRO7 gate at Camp Sergio Osmena.

But to our dismay, the speeches we prepared for the program were flanked by the volume of the police sound system playing Voltes V. It was apparently intended to destruct the program rather than allow us to conduct the protestation along PNP’s office at Jones Avenue.

The police idiotically expressed: “if you have the right to air out your concerns, we also have the right not to listen to you.” But the problem is that their office has been mandated to ensure that sentiments from the public are heard and published.

They also argue that we were disturbing the streets and that their vicinity is not the place where we should conduct public indignation. But how could they complain against street protests? The office of the City Mayor who is tasked to take on permits for public assembly understood the essence of democratic assemblies and did not complain, how could the PNP who is mandated to listen or ensure the airing of all public sentiments?

I negotiated for an hour but the police never wants to listen about their errors in SEMPO. I feel that it is painful for police officers to listen to the reality of the incentivizarion of them rogue cops and to know that we know that their programs are no different from the norms of organized crimes and syndicates.

The netizens didn't like what the UP Professor did to the police. Read some of their reactions:


BIGYAN NG LEKSYON! - Kasong Administratibo, Isasampa laban sa UP Professor, Gov't Property Sinira!
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